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Before joining an analogue space mission, participants can learn more by taking analogue space mission classes, reading publications or attending workshops. This page lists some of the existing trainings, documentaries, movies and books on analogue space missions. In addition, different companies provide equipment, experiments and spacesuits for the missions. They are listed under 'Companies' below.

Books, movies and documentaries

Media type Organisation or topic Media organisation Name and link
Interview documentary Hydronaut Ceska Televize Hydronaut: Kovové monstrum, kde by mohli trénovat i astronauti
Documentary Asclepios Mission Radio Televisione Svizzera Missione Asclepios
Documentary Austrian Space Forum Fortis Watches AMADEE-20: The Mars Mission Documentary
Short in-situ documentary Astroland Interplanetary Agency BBC Travel show Spain: Recreating life on mars in a cave in Spain
Interview documentary LunAres research station TVN24 Misja w księżycowej bazie pod Piłą zakończona
Book Mars Society Robert Zubrin The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must

Classes and training

Class name General content Instructor Platform
Analog space missions The analog space missions is an online course of 11 chapters from history of analogue space missions to designing your own space mission. The class can be taken at your own pace with quizzes after each chapter. The class covers all aspects of analogue missions, including financing and recruitment, experiments, habitats, life support systems. Dr. Eleonore Poli Altair Academy
Analog Astronaut Training The Stellar Training for Astronaut Readiness (STAR) program is dedicated to preparing individuals and crews for future missions. The STAR curriculum is delivered in conjunction with a carefully designed fitness training regimen, research-based meditation practices, and group activities to apply practical applications for physical and mental preparation, while also working on individual and team development. Diverse Interstellar Performance Lab
Analogue Mission Basic Training The traditional Analog Mission Basic Training Course (AMBT) of the Austrian Space Forum is dedicated to train Mission Support Center volunteers for upcoming Mars simulations, and is an online training course, contains hands-on lectures on our space suit simulators, IT infrastructure, meeting analog astronauts culminating with a small conceptual Mission Simulation. The AMBT course concludes with a final examination after the online workshop.

This workshop provides a solid overview on Mars analog missions, focusing on the tasks and positions at the Mission Support Center (MSC), field operations and about Mars research in general. Graduates will be able to successfully respond to the diverse challenges of future Analog Mars Simulations at the MSC and will be part of a highly motivated team that is the foundation of every Analog Mars Mission at the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF).

Diverse Austrian Space Forum


Andes Aerospace

Andes Aerospace is a Chilean company aimed to bring space technologies to strategic industries such as Mining, Defense and Emergency Handling. Our company's key product is Astro Casco, a critical telemetry communication system for analog space missions.



We support your analog astronaut mission with scientific equipment and scientific supplies. So you can concentrate on planning your mission and conducting your experiments and focus on exploration and science. Furthermore, we support your mission with scientific consultation.


Space ABC

Our breakthrough DNA and biomarkers based personalized space nutrition program, called SpaceABC provides the solution for the urging issue; what astronauts’ diet must include to keep humans in space healthy, and thus contribute to the success of space missions. SpaceABC is the world’s first company providing a personalized nutrition program developed specifically for space travelers and with the usage of space-sustainable food sources. Personalized space nutrition, diet and food for astronauts, space travelers and space tourists including analog astronauts are developed based on the individuals’ gene analysis (nutrigenetics) and provided via a digital, AI based algorithm by SpaceABC. Our mission is to “establish a deep-space nutrition system mitigating disease risks both in Space and on Earth!”, which is led by SpaceABC’s vision of “a world of multiplanetary humans with healthy longevity


Nexus Aurora

Nexus Aurora (NA) is a community based project incubator. Our primary goal is to open source solutions to the complex problems of space settlement. Initially founded to investigate projects within the commercial space industry. Our first big initiative was to enter the Mars Society’s City State Competition. This competition gave the community a shared goal to focus our efforts and to present our work. Nexus Aurora’s proposal won the Mars Society competition and is now a leading solution and methodology for the creation of sustainable habitats outside of Earth’s environment.