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Analogue space missions provide a large array of testing beds for experiments and research. This page provides an overview of research conducted in analogue space missions.

The table below provides a list of published research or links to platforms containing research. This is the initial step for a wider initiative to gather all research concerning analogue space missions.

N.B.: If you have additional information and wish to add a mission, feel free to do so and the CHASM team will help with fact-checking and maintenance

Organisation Research link Comment Date
AATC Publications
Asclepios Semester projects Projects are designed by researchers or students and used as semester projects 2021-now
Astroland Research overview Due to the nature of the cave in which the Astroland missions are led, there is a strong focus on research of the bacteria located within the cave, focussing mostly on biology and EVAs.
Austrian Space Forum Publications
HI-SEAS Publications
CHILL-ICE Research CHILL-ICE missions are conducted within lava tubes and caves with a mobile habitat, thus focusing part of the research on the deployment of the habitat and geology. 2021-now
LunAres Publications LunAres conducted the first analogue space mission with a crew member with a disability and thus has one of the only missions with research in that direction.
Mars500 Publication on psychologyPublication on prefrontal cortex Longuest analogue space missions conducted with over 500 days




Research 2022


Research HESTIA has a robust life support system




ResearchPublications NEEMO is a NASA-led underwater habitat
SAM (Biosphere2)