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In this page you will find the list of organisations which have or used to have analogue space missions. By clicking on their CHASM link, you can find their personal page on this wiki. Some missions have less content available and have been regrouped if they are organised by the same entity, for example NASA missions in Antactica or in the desert, or CHILL-ICE missions in Brno and Iceland being organised by If an agency is referred to as 'Collaboration' in the below table, this means that the habitat, base or mission is co-organised by different organisations.

N.B.: If you have additional information and wish to add a mission, feel free to do so and the CHASM team will help with fact-checking and maintenance.

Space agency or researcher led analogue missions
Mission Location Agency Analagous to... Comment
Antarctica Station (4x) Antarctica Collaboration Antarctica hosts several missions which are collaboration between organisations. Information on these missions are centralised unto the NASA mission pages.
Concordia (operated by PNRA & IPEV) Antarctica Collaboration Lunar and Martian polar caps
Envihab (Bed rest, centrifuge) Cologne, Germany DLR Microgravity
Haughton Mars Project Devon Island, Canada NASA Mars
HERA: Human Exploration Research Analog Houston, USA NASA Habitat interior
HESTIA Houston, USA NASA Moon, Mars, habitat interior
Human-Rated Altitude Control Complex Houston, USA NASA Moon, Mars, reduced-pressure habitat
Inflatable Lunar Mars Analog Habitat North Dakota, USA University of North Dakota Moon and Mars
In-Situ Resourcs Utilization (ISRU) Hawai'i, USA NASA Moon and Mars, surface only
NEEMO (underwater) Aquarius Base,

Approx. 10km from Florida coast, USA

NASA Moon and Mars, underwater
NEK/SIRIUS Moscow, Russia Collaboration Moon and Mars NEK was the base for the Mars500 missions.
RATS and Desert RATS Desert or Houston, USA NASA Moon and Mars
Civilian led analogue missions
Mission/Mission series Location Organisation Analagous to... Comment
Analogue Astronaut Training centre Poland AATC Habitat interior
AMADEE Variable (deserts) OeWF (Austrian Space Forum) Mars
APICES Astroland, Spain ICEE.Space Mars, underground
Asclepios Switzerland Asclepios Moon, underground and surface
CASTHELS Around Brno, Czechia ICEE.Space Underground robotic field tests
DMARS Israel Moon and Mars
EMMIHS HI-SEAS, Hawai'i EuroMoonMars Moon, habitat interior
EMMPOL AATC, Poland EuroMoonMars Moon, habitat interior
Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station Devon Island, Canada Mars Society Mars
Lunares Research Station Poland, Piła Moon and Mars
Mars Desert Research Station Utah Mars Society Mars
Habitat Marte Brasil Habitat Marte Mars
Astroland Interplanetary Agency Spain Astroland Interplanetary Agency Moon and Mars, underground
Yuegong-1 China Moon
Hydronaut Czechia Hydronaut ISS, Moon and Mars, underwater
Blueabyss UK Moon, Mars, microgravity EVA
HI-SEAS Hawaï NASA, then HI-SEAS Moon and Mars
CHILL-ICE Iceland ICEE.Space Moon, underground lava tube
MARS500 (in NEK) Russia Collaborative Mars
SAM (Space Analog for Moon and Mars) Biosphere-2, Arizona, USA Moon and Mars
Jordanian Space Research Initiative Jordan Moon and Mars
UKAM / UCL Scotland UCL Moon and Mars