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Welcome to the CHASM Wiki !

CHASM: the Community of Human Analogue Space Missions, fosters collaboration between and communication of analogue space missions around the world.

Analogue space missions aim to replicate certain aspects of space missions at reduced cost and risk, with a lower barrier to entry for researchers to join, and therefore a higher technology implementation rate. They take place on Earth, in the subsurface, underwater, or even in parabolic flights. Their duration, equipment, protocols, and crews vary considerably. Space agencies such as NASA and ESA have their own facilities for high-fidelity analogue space missions, but many analogue space missions were built and run by civilian organisations and societies.

These missions are referred to in this Wiki, to provide knowledge to the community as well as the wider public on what these missions are, and what opportunities and research arise from them. Click on the different organisation names to learn more about their habitats, mission duration, protocols, and crew selection: you can find the different organisations listed under the organisations page. Learn about research conducted in these missions under the research page, find learning resources (such as online training, books and documentaries) startups and companies that provide for analogue space missions under the resources page.

In summary, you can browse the wiki by clicking on the following links, accessing the diverse pages and information you might be looking for.




N.B.: If you have additional information and wish to add a mission, feel free to do so and the CHASM team will help with fact-checking and maintenance

History of CHASM - first conference

First CHASM conference at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, UK, April 2022

CHASM was founded by Asclepios I crew commander Eleonore Cassandra Poli, in May 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many space-related events were moved online and made accessible to a much wider audience. Several analogue space missions were discussed in these webinars, but the lack of regrouped information and general information both online and on paper was apparent. CHASM was thus founded to bring analogue astronauts and analogue space mission organisers together to discuss and improve missions and better collaboration between campaigns.

In January 2021, CHASM partnered with Mars Society UK for the first conference on analogue space missions. The conference took place onsite and online on April 2-3 2022 at Lucy Cavendish College [1], University of Cambridge [2], in the United Kingdom. The conference was supported by the Cambridge Philosophical Society as well as the British Interplanetary Society [3], which brought a Soyuz docking simulator and helped in the filming of the event. This first conference welcomed over 35 members of 12 different analogue space missions, with speakers coming and logging in from Brazil, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Poland, the UK, Austria, France, the Netherlands, and China.

The conference consisted of 45-minute presentations from the speakers, and an hour long workshop on the subjects of habitats, experiments and spacesuits. The public was invited on the Sunday afternoon to discuss with the speakers the different missions. SGAC essay competition winners were invited to present their essays.

Mission represented Speaker name Country Recording link Website
Analogue Astronaut Training Centre Dr. Agata Kołodziejczyk PL AATC
Asclepios Loïc Lerville, Veronica Orlandi CH Asclepios
Astroland Manuel Leira Casanueva SP Astroland Interplanetary Agency
Austrian Space Forum Deepasree Bangalu-Ragu AU OeWF
CHILL-ICE Charlotte Pouwels, Marc Heemskerk IS
EuroMoonMars Prof. Bernard Foing Global EuroMoonMars
Fish4MoonMars Ao Jiang Global Fish4MoonMars
Habitat Marte Prof. Julio Rezende BR Habitat Marte
HI-SEAS Charlotte Pouwells, Marc Heemskerk, Benjamin Greaves USA HI-SEAS
Lunares Dr. Leszek Orzechowski PL Lunares Research Station
MMAARS Maria Harney, Reena Tolentino USA MMAARS
MDRS / Mars Society Dr. Shannon Rupert USA MDRS
WoMars Julie Harz, Laurene Delsupexhe USA WoMars

History of CHASM - Workshops

Lunares Research Station habitat director Dr. Leszek Orzechowski presents the habitat to the CHASM x Lunares workshop guests.
CHASM x Astroland workshop guests in front of the Astroland Interplanetary Agency space centre, February 2023.
CHASM committee members Eleonore Poli and Tomas Ducai with European Space Agency Astronaut Aleš Svoboda at ESA BIC CZ, March 2023.

Following the success of the first conference, CHASM partnered with several mission facilitators to host workshops. The differences in concept, budget, and goals of these missions were fertile ground for fruitful discussions that small workshops could not cover. CHASM offered a hybrid format for the workshops in the different analogue space mission bases to enable wide participation. The workshops take place twice a year, providing the opportunity to improve collaboration between missions as well as showing the habitat to potential analogue astronaut candidates.

The first workshop to take place was in Poland, in the Lunares Research Station facilities, on October 15-16 2022. The habitat was presented by Lunares habitat director Dr. Leszek Orzechowski and the crew - the visit was filmed and is available on Youtube. The workshop discussion subjects were life support systems, habitats, and experiments for analogue space missions, with the recordings openly available on Youtube [Experiments - Habitats - Life Support systems].

The second workshop was held in Santander, Spain, hosted by the Astroland Interplanetary Agency space centre and base in February 2023. The discussion subjects were safety and emergency procedures, and spacesuits for analogue space missions. A visit of the space centre, including its mission control centre, exhibition rooms, and virtual reality training rooms, took place, as well as a visit of the analogue habitat - situated in an underground cave approximately 1.6 km long. In addition, a panel talk on the subject of parastronauts and analogue space missions was held with CHASM president Eleonore Poli, Tomas Ducai and Lunares flight surgeon Dr. Aleksander Wasniowski. A presentation of the EuroSpaceHub was given by Prof. Bernard Foing. The workshop recordings are openly available on Youtube - [Spacesuits - Safety & Escape Systems].

The third workshop was held in Brno, Czechia, hosted by with ESA BIC CZ and the participation of ENTRANT. Presentations from on the upcoming missions and the inflatable habitat were given by Marc Heemskerk and Onno von der Sype. Presentation on extreme environment stress and perfomance measurement was given by Lucie Rackova from ENTRANT, followed by Filip Hanus (ESA intern) talk on space robotics and robots in analogue space missions. Topics of the workshops then revoled in EVA experiments and EVAs in extreme environments. Visits of caves that will serve as future mission bases for were organised.

Other CHASM work

In addition to the conferences and workshops being organised, CHASM uses social media to raise public knowledge on the subject of analogue space missions, and shares the opportunities available, such as analogue astronaut recruitment, calls for research, experiments, and more. CHASM committee members also volunteer as public speakers for wide ranging audiences to improve knowledge on the subject. CHASM also has the CHASMCARD and PARACHASM factions - the first being a database of all analogue space mission research (CARD for Comprehensive analogue research database) and the later a consortium on parastronaut research, coordinating research between several organisations (including SGAC and LunAres Research Station) on the topic of parastronauts and space accessibility. More information can be found on the main website.

The social media links of CHASM are the following :

Platform Username
Facebook CHASM - Community of Human Analogue Space Missions
Instagram astro_chasm
LinkedIn CHASM
Twitter astro_chasm

CHASM was notably present at ESA BIC CZ in March 2023, the European Space Agency's Business Incubator in Prague, which allowed the collaboration with further partners such as Hydronaut and

CHASM committee members

CHASM committee members started with Eleonore Cassandra Poli, then grew to include Chloé Carrière before collaborating with the Mars Society UK, with MS:UK president Patrick Rennie, and committee members Alan Field, Rhys Davies, and Matthew Wilcoxson joining the first conference, in addition of Asclepios II crew commander Felix Von Hostig, and Sam Ross. The team is currently formed of Eleonore Cassandra Poli, Patrick Rennie, Sam Ross, Alan Field, Tomas Ducai, Martin Holec, Ginevra Terrizzano, Ophir Ruimi, Terry Trevino, Olivia Drayson. The CHASM committee also interacts with extended members via the PARACHASM consortium.

CHASM committee in April 2022. Clockwise from top left : Patrick Rennie, Sam Ross, Matthew Wilcoxson, Alan Field, Rhys Davies, Felix Von Horstig, Eleonore Poli.

Past and future event list

Past events
Event name Event type Location Date Main partners
CHASM conference Conference Cambridge, United Kingdom 2-3 April 2022 MS:UK, British Interplanetary Society, Cambridge Philosophical Society, Lucy Cavendish College
CHASM x Lunares Workshop Pila, Poland 15-16 October 2022 MS:UK, Lunares Research Station
CHASM x Astroland Workshop Santander, Spain 24-25 February 2023 MS:UK, Astroland Interplanetary Agency
CHASM wiki release Social gathering and presentation London, United Kingdom 16 September 2023 British Interplanetary Society, MS;Uk
CHASM x Workshop Brno, Czechia 25-26 November 2023, ESA BIC CZ, ENTRANT, Czech Space Week, MS;UK
Upcoming events
Event name Event Type Location Date Main partners
CHASM x Hydronaut Workshop Prague, Czechia TBD Hydronaut
Space Minho Scientific conference Portugal 7-9 June 2024 Space Minho (main organiser), Portuguese space agency
CHASM conference 2024 Conference Lausanne, Switzerland 14-15 September 2024 eSpace, Space Innovation, SGAC