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An external view of the Salyut 7 space station
OrganisationSoviet Salyut program
LocationLow Earth orbit
First mission date3rd April 1984
Mission capabilities
Typical crew size3
Maximum crew size3
Typical mission duration50 days
Operational history
Days occupied816 days
Total crew25
Total EVAs13
Technical data
Internal volume90m3
Power capacity4.5 kW
Technical equipment
  • Two docking ports
  • Electric stove
  • Refrigerator
Scientific equipment
  • Fiton-3 plant life support system
  • X-ray detection system
EVA environment
  • One airlock
  • Microgravity vacuum environment
  • No geological formations

This text is based on the page for Salyut 7, with some simplifications made appropriate for analog missions. Ideally stick to this rough format, or make up your own for latter sections! The format presented here is pretty maximalist, ideal for habitats with a PR person that can write this all up. Smaller habitats can delete a lot of subsections and just use the major subheadings

Two-paragraph intro on the base for context. Date of operation, projects and missions, operating organisation etc.


Longer bit about the base, 1-2 paragraphs, any stats or notable events (first missions of a certain type, long durations, notable research).

Facility and equipment

Overview of the equipment available in the base. Subsections below are provided if you want to use them, or just write them in a paragraph

Scientific facilities

Permanent lab facilities etc

Technical systems

Any details about power, water, ventilation etc

EVA systems and environment

Spacesuits and rovers, any permanent EVA equipment. As much detail about the EVA environment (geology, topology) as you like.


Any meta-info you want to provide about the missions

Caption text
Mission Crew Start date Duration (days)
Salyut-7 EO-1 Anatoli Berezovy (Soviet Union),

Valentin Lebedev (Soviet Union)

13 May 1982 211
Salyut-7 EP-1 Vladimir Dzhanibekov (Soviet Union),

Aleksandr Ivanchenkov (Soviet Union),

Jean-Loup Chrétien (France)||2 July 1982||8

Salyut-7 EP-2 Leonid Popov (Soviet Union),

Aleksander Serebrov (Soviet Union),

Svetlana Savitskaya||27 August 1982||8

Typical mission profile

Any info you want to provide about the typical operations of a mission, timelines, EVA etc


Any technical specification you want to provide.

  • Habitable volume - 90m3
  • Number of solar arrays - 3
  • Electrical power - 4.5 kW
  • Total crewed missions - 12
  • Total uncrewed missions - 15
  • Total long-duration missions - 6